Posted by: leebase | April 20, 2012

Do Something Good

Cooking is a good thing

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with all the lifestyle changes I need to make.  I need to eat less, of course.  I also need to eat better.  I need to exercise…both aerobically and strength training.   I need to eat less salt, less fat, less beef.  I need to work on my cholesterol and my blood pressure.  I need to read my bible regularly.  I need to get my finances in order.  I need to figure out each of my three daughters and how I can better meet their needs…and I need to be a better husband to my wife in about a thousand different ways.  It’s no wonder I’ve so often failed to tackle my eating lifestyle.  Once you start improving one area of your life, you become more aware of all the other areas.

This notion came to me when I was talking to my sister last night.  She’s also beginning the WW program and we were swapping stories.   She’d had TWO sodas that day.  TWO!  She shouldn’t be drinking ANY full sugared sodas.  Water is the best thing to drink.   And on and on I _almost_ began to tell her.

Thankfully I stopped myself.  She’s doing something good.  She’s making the right starting steps.  She’s stuck to the points system every day so far, including accounting for her precious Mountain Dews.  So too, am I doing good things.  We need to celebrate and appreciate the good steps we are taking and not get overwhelmed thinking about every which way imaginable we are failing.

I can’t wait to share my first week’s results.  I started on a Friday and so have completed my first week.  However, Sunday’s are going to be my official “weigh in day”, so I’ll wait.  I do know that I’ve benefitted greatly from some good things I’ve been doing the past couple years.  I’ve been walking and I’ve been cooking.  I have a lot of good food I like to eat, I just have been eating a lot of junk in addition to good food.  I was already able to go for 45minute walks, I’ve just needed to up the pace a bit.  So the good things I was doing the last couple years still count even as I was continuing to gain weight.

Wherever you are at today…how about adding one good thing to your life.



  1. Keep it up Lee, and yes yell at me every day about those 2 sodas, its ok, I need to quit drinking them.

    • One of the things I like about WW is that you aren’t immediately faced with some drab diet with all your favorite things taken away. You had your MD’s but you kept to your daily points…so you’ve been doing good!

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