Posted by: leebase | April 22, 2012

Week 1 – There are 5lbs Less of Lee

View on a Walk

There are 5lbs Less of Lee. That’s a pretty good first week.  The most important factor was simply deciding that I was going to be serious about losing weight.  Second was choosing Weight Watcher’s Online to be my plan of action.   The key being “plan of action”, not so much WW.  Until one commits and then has a plan, it’s really hard to achieve anything.

I did a LOT of walking.  An hour and a half every day at a rate of 3 to 5mph.  I’d been walking for a couple years, but did have to up the pace a bit.

Portion control.  Sure, I ate a good many things I shouldn’t eat…but I think the biggest change is coming to grips with what size “a portion” should be.  It’s the size of a fist.  My normal portion size was double that.

Time.  I already blogged about this…but a normal portion of food plus 20 to 30 minutes time and I’m full.  Not fall asleep stuffed full, but sated, not hungry any more.

I really like the WW PointsPlus plan.  Nothing is off limits.  I went out Sat. night with my wife to a Mexican restaurant and had all my favorites.  Ooey gooey deliciousness.  I just can’t have that every night.  Knowing I was going to have such goodness on Sat, helped me deal with my cravings on Friday night.

Here’s hoping for another good week and reminding myself that 5lbs is not the norm for loss.


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