Posted by: leebase | May 6, 2012

Eat Like a Fat Man and Lose Weight

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How on earth can one eat like a fat man and lose weight?  You start by being an even fatter man.  You’ve seen the commercials, famous fat men saying how you can eat all your favorite foods (pizza, wings, ribs) and lose weight.  Must be a joke, gimmick or outright lie.

Well, it’s not.  It works, it’s working for me.  Here is the secret and it’s really ingenious:  eat like a fat man, but a slightly less fat man than you already are.  My initial weight was 309…so WW (and MyFitnessPal) sets your points (calories) to the level of a 295lb-ish man.  Now that’s a pretty big guy.  That’s why this diet (ooh, don’t say that around WW people or they get preachy about “it’s a lifestyle”) is relatively easy to follow.  It’s not instantly “all salads and low fat diet food”.  You really can eat all your favorite foods.  Just not as much, or all the time.   As you lose weight you daily points (or calories) are reduced.

Losing weight this way gives you time to change your eating habits.  Losing weight more slowly and steady is conducive to success.  I just finished my third week and I’m down 3.6lbs this week and 11.8 lbs since beginning.



  1. To put that in perspective try carrying around a ten pound barbell for half a day then put it down. Way to go Lee. Keep eating like a fat man!

  2. Nice going Lee! I’m glad to read of the successes here.. the payoff is huge!

    • Good to see you Jon. Love to catch up. Don’t have your number, but mine hasn’t changed, call me.

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