Posted by: leebase | May 14, 2012

Week 4 – Double the Fun

I had a good week.  Down 2.4lbs for a total of 14.2.  I’m back to traveling for work so it’s become more difficult to eat well.  However, I can’t use that as an excuse.

Losing weight is hard
Being fat is hard

Choose your hard!

I started tracking my eating with MyFitnessPal in addition to WW this week.  I enjoy the WW program, but am really thinking $18/mo is a LOT more than a calorie counting app should cost.  Yes, WW is more than that, but the heart of the program is the PP tracker.  Seeing as it will likely take me up to 2 years to lose my 130lbs, that’s quite a lot to pay.  Sure, it would be more than worth it compared to staying fat, or getting even fatter.

It’s just that there are other choices.  It’s not WW or stay fat.  My wife hasn’t been using WW at all since we didn’t see the need to pay for 2 $18/mo plans.  So she tried out the iPad version of MyFitnessPal (there’s versions for phones and the web too).  I thought the name sounded hokey, well, I STILL think the name sounds hokey.  Funny name or not, my wife has been losing weight just as I have.  Even more (as a percentage).

So I’ve decided to try tracking with both for awhile.  My first week with MyFitnessPal — and I’m impressed.  I think I actually like it’s features better than WW.  It’s database is more comprehensive, and it’s easier to add foods (they have a bar code scanner option which WW does not).   I do like the WW PP system, though instead of the straight calorie counting of MyFitnessPal.  I like having free fruit and veggies even though I know they really do have calories.  I like having weekly points above and beyond my daily.

MyFitnessPal has some nice features of it’s own.  It tells you the fat, salt, sugar and protein that you are getting.  MyFitnesPal also has a better “friend” system.  I am more apt to ask someone to join me on MyFitnessPal than WW because of the price — it’s free.

I don’t know who is behind MyFitnessPal or how they make money.  There are ads on their website, but not in their mobile apps.  The ads are diet and health related, but there seems to be no editorial control or approval.  With WW, you know the company and it’s scientists, medical staff, and researches curate everything.  If you read a health article on their site, it’s something that WW stands behind.  WW has a POV and weightloss philosophy.  MyFitnessPal seems to simply be a counting tool and you bring your own philosophies to the table.  Neither approach is inherently good or bad, they are just different.

But did I mention MyFitnessPal is free?


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