Posted by: leebase | May 18, 2012

Two Are Better Than One

Going through a health journey with a partner is so much easier.  I’m lucky, I have my wife and a close friend/coworker and we are encouraging each other.   Here’s one such moment I’ve shared with my friend.

How are you my friend?  We haven’t talked about our health journey’s lately.
This was my first “normal travel” week.  Standard hotel, eating out every stinking meal.  No kitchen, no cooking.
Overall, I think I did well.  I asked for a fridge, and surprisingly got one no extra charge.  That helped as I could stock fruit/yogurt snacks for the week, pop and water.
As for eating out, I did my best to look up the points/calorie values before going to a restaurant.  I ordered fish, and grilled chicken instead of breaded and fried most of the time.  I cut my food in half and set the part I wasn’t to eat away from me.  Sometimes the waitresses were concerned that the food wasn’t good.  “No, food was fine, it’s just better remaining on the plate than around my gut”.
I got in the habit of asking to switch the bread, potatoes for fruit or more veggies.  Once I even asked “could you just slice up a tomato and some cucumbers?”  And they did.
I’m fairly sure I stayed on my calorie plan, though getting all my veggies/healthy oils in — not so much.
As for exercise, I took advantage of the hotel pool.   Once.  OMG…15 minutes and I was ready to puke.  I got walks in, and tried some in room calisthenics.
Hope your week went well.

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