Posted by: leebase | May 21, 2012

The Scale, She Is a Liar

The scale is an unavoidable part of weight loss. She is a hard task master. She is the source of joy on a good weigh in, and a wellspring of depression when she reports no weight loss, or even weight gain. However, the scale…she is a liar.

I arrived home Friday afternoon from a week away, traveling for work. It is difficult when you must eat out for every meal of the day. Even so, I had tracked my points/calories (I’m double tracking with both Weight Watchers and the free MyFitnessPal apps). I exercised all days but one via walking, swimming, or calisthenics. I felt pretty good. I was eager to talk to my scale and hear her say “well done, you have lost a couple pounds”.

Instead I am greeted with a 2lb gain. LIAR! She lies. There is no way I gained weight. I came in under my points every day. Didn’t use weeklies, didn’t dip into the activity points (WW lingo). I was weighing myself at night, instead of the morning so I figured, rather I hoped…that my scale would be gentler to me in the morning.

I wake up Saturday morning, do “my bidness” (gotta lose as much as you can) and go talk to my scale. I was even for the week, meaning that I had lost 2lbs since weighing myself the night before. Sure, I was happier than when she lied to me about gaining weight, but did she expect me to believe that I lost 2lbs overnight?

Alright, Sunday morning arrives. I got an hour and a half of walking in the day before, and ate good food…veggies and fruit, and lean grilled meat. Time for the official weigh in. Now she tells me I lost 3.2lbs for the week. Finally she’s telling the truth. Finally she acknowledges the hard work and discipline I had put in all week. But did I really lose all of the week’s weight on the last day?

The scale, she is a liar. This is now two weeks in a row when I lost all, or most of my weight on the last day. I bet your scale lies too. Remember she is but -an-indicator of progress. On any given day or week she lies to you. You have to trust that living well, over time, brings results which your scale will eventually, if grudgingly admit.

5 weeks in, I have lost 17.4lbs representing 5.4% of my starting body weight. Onward and downward, lying scale or not.



  1. Found your blog through the WW GoaD forum. I agree scales are liars. I’ve been thinking of starting to measure myself and keep track of NSV. Granted the scale like you said is unavoidable. See ya on the forums. Will watch your blog as well. Thanks

    • Glad you stopped by. The “inches around the belly” is one of my main metrics. It goes down even slower than a scale, though 😉

  2. Perhaps you added muscle?

    • So I added muscle during the week, and lost that muscle Saturday? 😉

  3. Perhaps you gained muscle?

    • You and my friend Jon think alike 🙂

  4. You always weigh less in the morning. Last time I researched it I think I read something about this being due to losing large amounts of water overnight through sweating, breathing, and potty breaks with no coresponding liquid consumption. Though I agree, my scale lies too. I think they are all in on it together.

  5. I found this section of the Hackers Diet to be particularly useful to bear in mind with regard to weight variance:

  6. Nice piece! I agree- the scale can be deceptive. I’ve been on WW for about 7 months, and I am down 60 pounds. I weigh myself on Sunday mornings. The thing is, I do my long run on Saturday mornings. I think is that for some reason I retain water the day after this as I recover from my run, leading the scale to give me a higher number.

  7. […] Dropped 2.6lbs this week for 68lbs Less of Lee.   It felt terrific coming after last week’s 2lb loss.   I just might be back to the rate I had been losing back.  Or not.  As you know from my post The Scale, She Is  Liar. […]

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