Posted by: leebase | May 23, 2012

Holy Trinity: Commitment, Goal, Plan

Dear Friend,

We started out on this journey to better health together, and I’m so happy to have a partner and someone to share the journey with. As you know, though, it’s become a bit one sided.

Per our last conversation, you suggested that perhaps you could use some coaching from me and I’m going to take that small opening and drive a truck right through it 🙂 So here goes.

Here are the first three things to think about
– Your commitment
– Your goal
– Your plan of action

I totally understand how difficult it can be to get to the point of being ready to tackle one’s weight. It’s not like I didn’t realize until I hit 309lbs that I needed to do something. I simply wasn’t motivated enough. I can’t know if you are ready. Are you? Truly? You’ll have to spend some time thinking that through because no one can answer for you. Frankly, though, until you get to the point where you are determined to make this happen, nothing else I or anyone else will say will help.

I think you need to revisit your goal. You say you want to lose 50lbs. Why 50? Why ONLY 50? What is your healthy weight? That should be your goal, to not be overweight – at all. Here’s is a website to calculate your BMI ( Take a look at the tables and find out what your weight should be. That’s your goal.

Finally, you need a decent plan. I’m sorry, but meal replacement shakes is not a good plan. I chose Weight Watchers Online. It’s $18/month. It’s basically a calorie tracking plan with lots of health information on how to lose weight at a sustainable and healthy rate. My wife is using the free MyFitnessPal app and is losing weight right along with me. There is no magic, you have to eat less then you burn in order to lose weight. Tracking what you eat helps you make better choices.

It is work. Which brings us back to your commitment. I know you are a busy man. I know you are a family man. I know you travel a lot. However, your schedule and responsibilities are not a whole lot different than mine. You will have to make getting healthy a priority. You will have to give it some thought, some time, and some work.

I’m your friend and willing partner. You can do this. It is worth the effort.


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