Posted by: leebase | June 10, 2012

Two Month and 25lbs Less of Lee

Well, I’ve finished month two.  The headlines are 25lbs dropped, 4″ off waist and belly, 2″ off my neck.   I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  Two months looking backward seems like a lot less time than when I started thinking about how long my journey was going to take.  I keep reminding myself that time is moving forward no matter what I do.  I could be two months older and the same (or likely greater) weight.

I’ve had some fun victories besides the scale and measuring tape.  When I started, I couldn’t buckle the seat belt on the smallish planes that fly between Chicago and Dayton, OH.  Now I can.  Sure, I let them out to their max length, but at least they buckle.  4″ ago, they would not.   I’m wearing a pair of shorts that I could not begin to fit into only 2 months ago.  My wife this morning had to tell me not to bunch up all the excess folds in my pants all in one place in the back.  I’ll have to go buy some new cloths eventually.  In the mean time, I’m dealing with something I’ve never EVER dealt with…existing cloths of mine that are becoming too big.

I have 105 lbs to go…but already that sounds so much smaller than 130.  The process hasn’t actually been that hard.  I kick myself for having waited so long.  My confidence is high and I’m feeling very empowered.

On the exercise front, I’ve been walking an hour most days.  Played tennis and badminton with my daughters and wife this weekend.  I’m flirting with the idea of starting the Power 90 work out from Tony Horton.  It might be too much for me at this point, we’ll see.

For my friends and family thinking “if Lee can do it, perhaps I can” — I say:  Come on in, the water’s great.




  1. Great job Lee! Can you forward me some self-discipline? I seem to have misplaced mine.

    • Go to and set up free account. Just try tracking what you eat. Don’t even plan on dieting…I think you’ll be surprised at how just tracking will start to change your behavior

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