Posted by: leebase | July 2, 2012

10% Less of Lee

I’m down 31lbs…10% less than my starting 309. I now have less than 100lbs to go to no longer be over weight. I’ve lost 5″ around my waist and belly.

This week I bought new belts and a couple new shirts. XXL — no longer XXL Tall. Sure, I’m just BARELY into the XXL, but I can wear these shirts today, and know that they will fit even better a week or two from now. I’m also wearing shirts where the buttons used to bulge and no longer do, and shorts I couldn’t fit into 3 months ago.

I’m sleeping better, and no longer take my anti anxiety sleep medicine (I was waking up with panic attacks, probably reltated to undiagnosed sleep apnea). I can buckle the seat belt on small jets…no more pretending I have it buckled to keep from the embarrasment of asking for an extender.

My wife started the same day I did, and together we’ve lost a dog. 56lbs is about the size of our family pet, a black lab. She’s now in Onderland, and hasn’t been their since our 2nd (of three) children were born (she’s 15 now).

< happy dance>



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