Posted by: leebase | July 6, 2012

Don’t Listen To Me

I think it’s funny that I’ve titled this “Don’t Listen To Me” and some of y’all (actually, all of y’all) clicked on the link to wonder just what you shouldn’t be listening too.  Good for you, you’ve shown that you have the ability to decide for yourself whom and what you will pay attention.

Of what value is there in listening to me blog about losing weight, diet, fitness and the like?  Have you SEEN me?  Even after losing 31lbs, I’m still a fat man.  Not in shape by any measure.  Plus I had the audacity to begin this blog before I’d even lost the first pound!  Shouldn’t you rather be listening to a doctor, nutritionist, trainer…someone, anyone with actual qualifications?  Well, of course you should.  Just as I do.

What then, is the value in listening to me?  Well, I’m sure my mom and my wife do so because they love me, probably my sister too.  One or two of you count as very close friends who even do things like help me  plumbing jobs and other manly arts that are mysterious to me (you know who you are).  So, for you, humoring me by reading my blog is understandable.  What about the rest?

I’ll give you a clue…I’m the fat guy YOU KNOW…who’s losing weight.  I’m presenting the “every man” view.  Blogging my journey in real time.  Perhaps there’s even a “trainwreck attraction” for some of you.  Dude who’s fat tells the whole world…”watch me lose weight”…surely this should be good for some laughs.

Mostly though, I think it’s more encouraging when you actually know someone who’s struggling to overcome what is so difficult for so many people.  I read real books by real doctors, go to websites and purchase materials from real fitness trainers, use google to look into “authoritative research” as best I can.  Still, though, some of the best material I find is written, blogged, podcasted (is that a word?) by regular Joe’s like myself.  Plain ol’ folk sharing their own journey’s, what they are learning, what they are struggling with, their victories and their stumbling blocks.  Folks like Jess from or Jimmy from the ThinJimmy podcast (

I admit, it took some courage to just announce that I was going to lose 130lbs and invite people to watch my journey.  I just didn’t want to give myself an out.  If I tell folks I’m going to do something, it’s that much harder for me to then quit.  So thank you for enrolling in my “Lee can’t quit or else you’ll make fun of him brigade” :).   Ok, so most of you wouldn’t actually make fun of me, but I use the motivation nonetheless.

Also, it is just my nature to learn and share what I’m learning at the same time.  I’ve always been that way.  Long before there was an internet…there was Lee…turning around in class, helping someone understand whatever the teacher was failing to help them see. I started writing technology articles for a Chicago newspaper (a free one, not the Trib or Times).  I ran a database user’s group back before those became online forums.  When I became a professional wedding photographer…I started teaching myself, and I started an online forum to share with others what I was learning.  At my job, I’m on the internal forums and on yammer (it’s free and cool, check out  I’m just that kind of guy.

I hope in my writings you can find encouragement and inspiration.  I’m no expert on dieting or fitness and do not expect anybody to think I am.  This blog is about my own journey.   I’m just the fat guy YOU know…who’s losing weight and getting healthy.


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