Posted by: leebase | July 9, 2012

3 Month Review

It’s been three months since I started the Less of Lee journey to health.  I started at 309lbs and am now 275, a loss of 34lbs and 5 inches from my waist.  I’m writing this from the center seat on a flight from Chicago to Newark.  Not only can I buckle the seat belt, but I actually had to cinch it in a bit.  With 95lbs to go to reach my healthy weight, I’m still a tight fit.  I’m just trying to consider how much more uncomfortable I’d be having to fit 34lbs more of Lee into this small seat.

Do I have more energy…do I feel lighter?  My first reaction to those questions is no, I don’t “feel” any different.  I’m still me.  I thought further, though, and asked my wife to confirm….but it’s true that I’m taking fewer naps.  I’m also exercising (walking mostly, some biking, tennis and calisthenics) 30 to 60 minutes a day.  I’m not forcing myself to do this.  I guess I just do have more energy such that I _have_ to go burn it off.  I’m also sleeping better at night.

The most dramatic change is in my clothes.  I have jean shorts that if I didn’t wear a belt they would drop to the floor.  Speaking of belts, I had to buy new belts.  Kohls was having a big clearance sale, so I stocked up on some smaller shirts.  I bought XXL, no need for 2XL-Tall.  No more need to shop in the Big and Tall stores!  Some of the new shirts are a bit too tight, but I’m still shrinking so I’ll “shrink into them”.  I’ve never had the experience of buying clothes a bit too small so that I could shrink into them.  I bought 40″ jeans because they were on sale, thinking they wouldn’t yet fit…but they do!

I started with Weight Watchers Online, but now I’m using the free MyFitnessPal app.  Tracking what I eat has been the biggest help for me losing weight.  I’m not on a radical change of diet.  I’m eating everything I used to eat, just not as much.  Portion control has been the second best thing I’ve learned.  I am eating far more fruits and veggies than I used to.  Chips are now a treat that I eat occasionally, not a mainstay of mindless eating in front of the TV.

Some have congratulated me on my self control.  I do have some days where I am just hungry no matter what I eat and I have to bear with it.  Thankfully, those days are the rare ones.  For the most part, I eat good portions and feel full within 20 minutes or so.  That’s the extent of self control I need most days, the ability to wait for 20 minutes for my brain to realize I’ve had enough to eat.  Eating more fruits and vegetables instead of chips, breads and pastas means I get to eat more for the same calories.  Check out the book “Volumetrics” that explains why.

I have had days where I just didn’t feel like tracking, but I tracked anyway.  I have had moments where I just wanted to grab a bag of chips or box of crackers and eat…but I didn’t.  Still, those have been the exceptions.  At this point I am not resenting being on a diet.  It really does feel more like a change in lifestyle.  I’m not trying to do every single good thing, eat only the most healthy food.  I started with tracking, and have continued to improve in what I eat.  I started with walking and slowly added speed and time.  My weight training is a pathetic 5 minutes of calisthenics…but it’s a start.

The best part of these three months is going through this journey with my wife. She’s lost 11% of her body weight and is down to a level she hasn’t seen since our third child was born 14 years ago.  She’s looking fantastic and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  Looking forward to our progress over the next three months.



  1. Im very proud of both of you. Lee you are a wonderful man, keep it up!

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