Posted by: leebase | July 30, 2012

Taste of New York City

I traveled for work to New York City…it was my first time in the Big Apple.  So what’s a man who likes food to do when he goes to a city known for it’s food?  Do I put blinders on as I walk past the food vendors on the street or past the numerous restaurants?

Not me.  I want to have a slice of genuine New York style pizza, I’m from Chicago after all and I “know” our town has the best pizza (and it does).  I also want to have a bagel and a pastrami sandwich from a Jewish deli, the real thing.   And a kinish (whatever that is)…and I even want to tempt fate and eat a “dirty water dog” (what New Yorker’s call a hotdog sold by a street vendor…or a funny joke played on me by a New Yorker telling me what I should try).

Aren’t I on a diet?  Am I going to fall off the wagon?  What about the carbs (oh, I may have forgotten to tell folks I’m trying to move more toward low carb/high fat)?

One of the great things I learned from Weight Watchers, is that you make room for the foods you love.  A diet that is all sacrifice and self-denial is a diet you won’t stick with long term.  They say “don’t give up anything to lose weight that you aren’t willing to give up forever”.  Why?  Because if you reach your goal weight having denied yourself all your favorite foods, and then think you can go back to eating them…you’ll regain your weight.

So, you learn portion control and moderation.  You can’t have all the foods you like every day, or the amount of food you’d like on any day….but you can have all the food you like some of the time, in moderate portions.  And that’s what I did.  I sampled every one of those delicious NY foods.  I ate only half the pastrami sandwich (which was delicious), half the breakfast sandwich, and a quarter of the kinish (it was enough to know what it tasted like).  I had a slice of pizza one night, and two another.  Never bought a whole pizza only to polish it off.

I tracked my calories via MyFitnessPal, including my hour of walking each day.  I never did go over my calorie limit when considering the exercise.  The net result…I lost 3lbs for the week.  Just as important, I enjoyed good food in moderation and am living with a “way of eating” that won’t come to an end.

To date, there are 42lbs Less of Lee, and 6” Less of Lee’s belly and waist.


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