Posted by: leebase | September 9, 2012

I’m Halfway There!

My goal is to no longer be overweight. According to the BMI tool on MyFitnessPal, I cross that line at 194.7 which is 57.1 lbs away. As of this Sunday I weigh 251.8 so there are 57.2lbs Less of Lee. I’m at the half way mark!

When I started, I wrote up a list of milestones (blog post here)…mini goals to reach while working on the main one. I surprised myself when I reread it this week, as I’ve achieved most all of them. So it’s time to make another set. I do this to keep my motivation high by always having something just a little ways down the road to strive for…but close enough to achieve.

Last April I was wearing XXL-Tall. I wanted to get to XXL so I could shop in normal stores instead of Big and Tall. I now am wearing an XL shirt my wife bought at the beginning of the summer. It’s a bit snug, I look forward to XL being my well fitting size, and then — can it be? I’d like to wear plain ol Large.

I started with a size 48 waist, and am now a 41, wearing size 40 pants. I look forward to fitting into size 38, and then 36. Is 34 in my future?

I want to be able to run a 5K. I can’t run at all yet, though my walks are stretching past the hour mark. At 251, I’m not wanting to injure my knees, but I won’t always be 251 will I?

I want to be able to do pushups. Real, manly, pushups. I can’t do even one at this point….I look forward to being able to do 10. And pull-ups…though I don’t know where I would be doing them.

I want to be able to touch my toes. I couldn’t even when I was skinny, but perhaps it is possible with effort.

I look forward to no longer being obese, and then no longer overweight.

I passed the 10% mark, and look forward to having lost 20% of my weight, and then 30%. While we are on numbers, I look forward to having lost 75lbs, then 100.

Weight wise, there’s something about breaking the 250 barrier (maybe next week!), and for some reason 220 sticks out in my mind. And, of course, entering Onderland!

I aimed to have lost 25lbs by my companies annual consultant’s conference. I had lost 52lbs. Next year, I plan to appear as a man who is no longer overweight. Which, btw, will also mean I’ll be attending my 30th high school reunion as one who is no longer overweight.

These are not my whishes, nor my hopes. These are my intentions.


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