Posted by: leebase | October 2, 2012

The Same Amount of Lee

20121002-115426.jpgThis post was almost written last week. I’ve been flying to Charlotte, NC on Monday and returning on Friday. So my first opportunity to weigh myself has been on Saturday mornings. Last week and this week I did well eating according to plan. As I was walking only 30 minutes, a day instead of an hour and a half, the amount I had to eat was smaller. I pretty much ate to my calorie limit instead of coming in a couple thousand under the week’s plan. So, according to plan, I should lose approximately 2 pounds. On both Saturday mornings I was actually UP.

Even though I was up Saturday last week, I awoke to a pleasant surprise on Sunday’s weight in: a 3 pound loss. This week, there is the same amount of Lee…no loss. Well, ok, there was a .6 pound loss, but at that rate it would take me 4 years to reach my goal. And if I wanted to lose that slowly, I should be able to eat a good deal more than I do. If I eat 1000 less calories a day than I need, I expect to be rewarded with at least a 2 pound loss.

I know, I know…we’ve been over this before. Water comes and goes, and the body just doesn’t act like a machine with direct output according to input. Still, knowing this doesn’t take away the frustration. I’ve gotten spoiled by my fantastically consistent 2.5 to 3 pound weekly loss.

It’s beginning to feel like I’m not losing weight at all. So I look up my weight loss for the last month and find that I have lost 9 pounds. That’s pretty good. Certainly nothing to be frustrated about. Then I went and reread my blog…and reminded myself how far I’ve come. I’m just being impatient and need to relax.

I went shopping at the local Goodwill. I can’t afford to buy a complete wardrobe every two months. I picked up 5 pair of pants and a shirt for $28. I consider it a rental fee as I’ll be donating them back by spring as they’ll be too big to wear.

It’s a journey.


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