Posted by: leebase | October 30, 2012

Run Lee Run

Dropped 2.6lbs this week for 68lbs Less of Lee.   It felt terrific coming after last week’s 2lb loss.   I just might be back to the rate I had been losing back.  Or not.  As you know from my post The Scale, She Is  Liar.

After the slowing down trend entered it’s 4th week, I knew that I wasn’t dealing with transitory water.  My eating had been going according to plan.  Still tracking via MyFitnessPal…going over a bit here or there, but under mostly.  So, diet wasn’t where I looked to make a change.  Particularly since I’m eating about as little as I hope to have to at 1620 calories a day.

I did notice that I hadn’t been getting as much exercise in.  I had been traveling, plus the change in weather as the days have become shorter and colder and rainy.   I wasn’t able to get those hour long walks in, let alone the hour walks with the 30min end of day walks.   So it was time to up my intensity to get the calorie burn I needed in 30minutes a day.  I try to earn 400 calories daily via exercise to allow my eating to be more along the 2000 calorie a day level.

So now Lee is a runner.  Well, making progress anyway.  I use the RunKeeper app on my iPhone and downloaded the 5K Training workout plan.  We’re talking about a guy who couldn’t run from his house to the next door neighbors last year.   I’ve been walking, though, and had upped the pace to 3.5miles in an hour.

I actually do feel like I’m in training…visions of Rocky dance in my mind as I’m out, in the light rain, getting my work out in.   Intervals…running hard for a minute, then walk for 90 seconds, repeat 8 times.  And so on.  First time I tried to run a mile, I made it to .3 before I had to walk.   But afterward I ran 1.5 miles…twice last week.   On tap today is a 2 mile run.   Now I’m Forest Gump…Run Lee Run.


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