Posted by: leebase | November 4, 2012

70lbs Down with Visions of Muscles Dancing in My Head

I seem to be back on track.  Down 2.2lbs for the week, and I hit the 70lbs loss mark and broke out of the 240’s.  Time for some more visualization of the Lee to come.  Not merely Less of Lee, but Fit Lee.  That’s right, I am having starting to have visions of muscles…all over my body <gives a nod to Diana Ross>.

Mind you, I’m not talking body builder muscles.  But I am envisioning actual muscles on the body of mine.  When I flex my arms or my chest, I want at least _some_ amount of pop.  I want to see abs.  This is not about getting BACK into shape.  I was never in shape to begin with.  Thin as a young man, but never fit.

To that end, I’ve embarked on some training.  I am 3 weeks into my training to for a 5K.  I have run 2 miles without stopping.  TWO MILES.  A year ago I tried to go jogging with my daughter and didn’t make it to the next door neighbors house (50 feet away).

I went looking for my set of dumbbells that I bought 10 years ago and used — oh — maybe 3 times.  Couldn’t find them.  Turns out my lovely wife got tired of seeing them lying on the floor and sold them at the last garage sale <sigh>.   Can’t believe how expensive dumbbells are…how hard is it to manufacture?  So, I’ve embarked on a 100 pushups program instead.

100 pushups.  I can’t even do 1 real pushup.  Can’t even do the girl pushups (from the knees).  So I’m starting with “counter pushups” where you push up from a counter top, or stairs, or hotel bed.  You gotta start somewhere.

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  1. You should already know this, but what an amazing job because some people have a hard time dropping one or two pounds:))

    • Thanks Jon. It started really feeling like an accomplishment when I hit 50. One of the amazing things are my friends who have been inspired to work on their own journey’s and have seen great success as well. Of course, it’s a lifelong battle. Keeping it off is just as hard if not harder (so I hear).

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