Posted by: leebase | November 13, 2012

Make the Weight Gain Worth It

This past week was my first trip to Europe.  I taught mobile application development to our European consultants in Split, Croatia.  BTW, what a terrific place for a vacation.  Absolutely beautiful, on the sea across from Italy.  Ancient ruins.  Mountains, ocean.  Very nice.

Eating on the road is challenging under normal circumstances.  Nothing beats shopping for you own food and cooking it yourself (or better yet, having one’s wife cook it).  This trip was more difficult than normal.  For a whole week, I’m at a conference where every meal is provided — buffet style.  Delicious food, lots of it, all you can eat, three meals a day.

The end result was a 1 pound gain in weight.   That’s not so bad.  Here is how I made my food choices.   For the most part, I ate sensibly.  I chose meat or fish, and vegetables.  Didn’t eat the fried food, the breaded food, the potatoes, the pancakes and the like.   And I didn’t eat “all I can eat”.  One trip, sensible portions.

I did add a small croissant to my breakfast, with jam in addition to my usual eggs and bacon.  My real indulgence was with desert.  There was a desert buffet every lunch and dinner.  Really good looking, tempting and tasty deserts.  I could have pigged out, but I didn’t.  However, I did always choose to have at least one and sometimes two.

I tracked what I ate with MyFitnessPal as I always do.  Went over my calories a couple days and under a couple of days.  Didn’t exercise every day like I normally do.   I was expecting a small loss, or even.  But I gained a pound.

Then I realized I had drank wine and a very large beer (stop over in Germany, HAD to have a beer there).  Drinking alcohol isn’t my thing, so it didn’t occur to me to track the calories.  I suspect the overage I hadn’t accounted for lay mostly with the liquid calories.

I’d certainly eat the deserts all over again, and have the beer, the one beer.  I don’t think I’d drink the wine as that’s just not my thing, and why drink extra calories if it’s not something you REALLY enjoy?

I didn’t “cheat” on my diet.  I don’t believe in the concept.  I’m an adult man, and I make choices.  I decided to loosen up a bit on my trip (even though it was work, not vacation).  Yet I did

n’t go crazy, and I saved my indulgences for things I really enjoy most.   Just like in a week I’ll eat a terrific Thanksgiving meal without worrying about how many calories I’m eating.  Then I’ll get right back to my normal plan.  Enjoying life is how you stick with a “diet”.

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