Posted by: leebase | November 21, 2012

Welcome Vinnie Tortorich Fans

Today I appeared as a guest on the Vinnie Tortorich podcast.  I thought I’d introduce myself and this blog to his fans.    My wife and I had lost a combined 119lbs, about the weight of our youngest daughter as you can see in the photo.

Vinnie has a degree from Tulane and several decades as a practicing physical trainer for hollywood stars and ultra athletes alike.  There’s a very good reason people should pay attention to him.

On the opposite side, is a guy like me.  Middle aged fat dude weighing in at 309lbs.  You can see the before/after of me when I hit my 20% weight loss milestone.  I’ve since lost another 10lbs.

I represent the everyman.  I’m not an athlete and never was.  I’m not a trainer or a doctor.  But I am a father of three teenage daughters, married to a beautiful woman and living the work a day life like most people.  I can’t afford a trainer like Vinnie, don’t have a dietician on my payroll, don’t have the resources or lifestyle of a hollywood star.

You can read my blog and follow me as I journey from a middle aged, morbidly obese couch potato – to a fit and healthy man.  I’m a little bit past the half way point.  You can see how I started, announcing my intentions to lose weight and blog about it at 309lbs having not lost an ounce yet.

I also create podcasts…just me talking about the journey as I go on my walks.  I have no beautiful side kick with amazing lungs, or audio wizard friends to produce the kind of quality Vinnie gets.  But they are the real raw thing, the journey to health, as it happens.  By a normal guy living like most of you live.   And seeing success so far.  You can check out some of the one’s I’ve created on topics Vinnie talks about.

I have nothing to sell, but do hope you will join me on my journey to health.

You can tweet me @TheLeeBase



  1. Lee, I found your blog through Vinnie’s page. I really enjoyed your interview. And thanks for commenting on my blog! Keep up the great work. I’ll be reading!

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