Posted by: leebase | November 27, 2012

The Secrets to My Success – A Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving is one day. It’s not one day that matters, but every day. I know, Thanksgiving was last week so this post is either a week late or 51 weeks early. For someone on a diet – what do you do about Thanksgiving? I saw articles this week with how to make low-carb this or that, low calorie versions of xyz. Why bother? Thanksgiving is just one day.

We went to visit family and we ate all the normal Thanksgiving fare. Turkey, mash potatoes with gravy, rolls, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Two slices even. The worst thing I did was buy a package of Combos (pretzels stuffed with cheese) on the drive there. 120 calories a serving, but the small bag had 7 servings. And of course I ate the whole bag. Other than that, I actually ate well. Just one plate of delicious food. Didn’t eat like a pig, but didn’t have to “suffer on my diet”.

The very next day I went back to my new way of eating. Even ran three miles on the treadmill. First time I’ve ever run three miles in my life. I was down 4lbs on Sunday’s WI. Yeah, I lost 4lbs Thanksgiving week while still eating a delicious traditional meal. You can’t assign this week’s results to this week’s activities. Last week I was up 1.8lbs even though I had ate well and exercised every day. Folks, that’s water weight coming and going. It’s the trend that matters. I look back 4 weeks, and take the total loss and divide by 4. I’m losing slightly less than 2lbs a week.

In the spirit of the season, if late, here are some people, blogs, and podcasts that I am thankful for in how they have helped me make progress in my journey to health. To date (as of Sunday’s WI), I weigh 236.4 for 72.6lbs less of Lee.

My wife, my best friend and partner in life, has walked each day with me on this journey. She has lost 46lbs, so together we have lost about as much weight as our youngest daughter weighs (thus the photo). I have a good friend, Steve H, who joined in with me after I had lost 40 or so lbs. We talk several times a week. He has now far surpassed me, and is doing fantastic.

I got started with Weight Watchers Online, and I continue to participate on the Guys on a Diet forum. The best group of online practical knowledge and experience I’ve come across. I cheer them on, they cheer me on, it’s been a big help.

I switched to the free MyFitnessPal app, and have tracked my calories every day for over 6 months with it. My wife used it from the beginning, and I saw that it worked for her as well as the WW app worked for me…and it’s free vs. the $18/mo for WW.

I listen to podcasts on my walks and workouts. My two favorite are the Vinnie Tortorich – America’s Angriest Trainer show and the Jimmy Moore – Livin’ La Vida Low Carb show. I was actually a guest on one of Vinnie’s episodes.

A couple of books I’ve liked best are:

A couple of websites I follow are:

I haven’t journeyed alone. All of these people and resources have been extremely helpful for my success…Thank You

My Podcast on dealing with Thanksgiving.


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