Posted by: leebase | December 8, 2012

The New Lee Hits the Road

20121208-104111.jpgWas back on the road this week, at least for half of it. I’d spent seven weeks working from home which was a nice stretch of time. It’s so much easier taking care of how you eat and your fitness when surrounded by home and family.

I found out on Monday that I was flying out to Boston on Wednesday for the rest of the week. The client was down by the harbor, right in the city…my first time in Bean Town. No chance at finding a close by hotel with a kitchen. I’d forgotten how hard it is to eat well when you don’t plan ahead.

Wonderful client and challenging engagement. Equally challenging were the basket of Danishes, rolls and the like and the basket of fruit. I ate the fruit in the morning, having steely control as the delectable pastries stared me in the face. I got in the wrong line at lunch and ended up ordering a burrito. 800 calories between it and the small bag of chips. Then dinner out for real New England Chowder at Legal Seafoods. Probably should have stopped with the soup. Had grilled fish, but chose polenta for the side and broccoli. The broccoli was the only non carb laden choice. I also ate a dinner roll and had crackers in my soup.

The next day was no better. I grabbed a fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast. It was the least bad choice of the breakfast options at the coffee shop my partner and I hit on the way to the client. I was hungry well before lunch and the refreshed basket of pastries won the battle this time. Ham and cheese hoagie for lunch…and Wendy’s burger for dinner. I went well over my calorie goal for both days and had double the number of carbs.

I awoke with more determination this morning. Hit a different coffee stand which had hard boiled eggs. Two of those and I was sufficient to the task of denying the temptation of the pastries. Lunch was a bag of nuts. Surprised I’m not more hungry as I write this on the flight home. Can’t wait to get back to my own kitchen for a decent meal of protein and vegetables.

I’ve composed my own Life Success Motto: The real Lee is a hit, he’s at a healthy weight and is fit (reading the book “Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever” by Pete Thomas from the Biggest Loser show). I don’t know if its having taken the time to think this through or what…but I’ve really felt this way this week. I feel fantastic. From fitting in the air plane seat, cinching up the seat belt, wearing my new sized clothes and sized 38″ belt…to having a great time dealing with the clients and a new teammate. The new Lee is a hit.

Even though two of the three days were not according to my eating plan, they were still so much better than I used or eat. I’ll take them in stride and do better next week. I did fairly well making the better choice in the situations I found myself facing. I’ll try to improve with some better planning so that I’ll have better options.


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