Posted by: leebase | December 23, 2012

25% and 80lbs Less of Lee

25% Less of LeeAs of this week’s weigh in, I broke the 230 barrier at 229.2lbs. That means I’ve lost 80lbs which is 25% of my starting weight of 309 last April. The scale has been frustrating the last few months…so I find the following as important if not more. I am now wearing size 36” waist jeans and large shirts. That’s down from 46” pants with XXL-Tall shirts.

I’m also progressing nicely with my fitness goals. I’m working the 100 Pushups program..still doing the “incline/stairs” versions. But I can now actually do 5 real pushups when I couldn’t even do one before. I’ve run 5k on the treadmill and keep working on training for my first 5k race sometime in the spring. I can’t touch my toes yet but I’m getting closer.

Holiday treats and cookies and parties have been a challenge. I’ve found myself snacking a lot more than I desire too.

Back to the scale. Here’s a photo of my recent weigh ins. You can see how it can drive a person to despair if you focus too much on the scale. I’ve been all 25percGraphover the place. My rate of loss is down by a third to about 1.8lbs a week. However, it comes as a week with a half pound loss, then a 2 pound gain then a 5lb loss. Crazy. The pink line are the actual weigh ins. The smooth white line shows the trend.

I recorded the following podcast to discuss what it means to lose weight. After all, the number on the scale is the sum of all your weight. Your body is mostly water, with bones, muscles, organs, and yes…fat. All you are really interested in losing is the fat. The number doesn’t tell you what exactly is happening. Are you gaining in muscle? It weighs more than fat. Did you retain water after a salty meal or for a woman, the TOM?

The scale is valuable, but it’s just _an_ indicator, nothing to have one’s emotions go riding a roller coaster for. I know I’m getting more fit by the day. I know I’m eating healthy. I keep needing smaller and smaller clothes. I sleep better, feel better. One week’s number on the scale, or even one month’s…that’s not the important story.

I feel like I’m entering the home stretch. 35lbs to go. The most difficult 35.


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