Posted by: leebase | December 31, 2012

Holiday Food – 5lbs of Lessons Learned

holidayBulbIt was time to view the butcher’s bill after a week of unrestrained holiday food eating. There are now 5lbs more of Lee.

Lesson 1 – once again – the scale must be a liar…or rather the body is far more complex than simple calories account for. If 3500 calories equal a pound of fat…then it takes overeating by 17,500 calories in a week to gain 5lbs of fat. I know I over ate, but I know it was not by anything close to that amount. I also know that the scale doesn’t measure fat, it measures “all of Lee”. I’m thinking (hoping/praying) there’s a fair amount of extra water represented in that number.

Lesson 2 – my favorite foods still taste good but now I understand how they make me feel bad. I felt bloated, upset stomach, and generally “icky” after eating so much chips, cookies, pies, breads. Not “I over ate to the point of sickness”. Because I didn’t. It’s just that now I don’t feel that way and I USED to feel that way all the time. My new way of eating (proteins and vegetables, cut WAY back on grains and sugars) leads to feeling better. It’s not just about losing weight. This was a good experience to understand that sugar (whether bread/chips or desserts) just doesn’t feel that good.

Lesson 3 – I am not cured. It was no problem going back to my old way of eating. It’s very easy to just eat all day long. Eat whatever I see. Eat because food tastes good even when I’m already full.

Lesson 4 – Sugar makes me hungry. Just like bars put out free salty peanuts/pretzels and popcorn because salt makes folks drink more…sugar makes you eat more. Even though I ate a lot more, I was not more satisfied.

Back to my new way of eating. Those 5lbs will be gone in a couple weeks. Onward and downward.


  1. I agree that even 1 week of unfettered eating should not result in 5lbs more of anyone. Based on you brief description of food I suspect you consumed a large amount of extra salt. That will cause your body to retain water. I know my body reacted strangely to the somewhat extra food I ate at Christmas. It was mostly low fat, but more than it was used to. It is now just getting back to normal. I suspect getting back to normal eating and your P90 will right the ship pretty quickly.

  2. It’s gotta be water weight at least most of it anyway. Go back and look at your numbers if you loged it all. I’m sure Holiday wating is a lot of sodium type foods. Just my guess. I’m also sure you didn’t get in your normal water instake too. I can tell a big difference when I’m not getting the H20.

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