Posted by: leebase | January 1, 2013

Less of and Fitter Lee in 2013 – Resolutions

LeeJanetbTime for New Year’s Resolutions. I admit, I love to make NYR. Sometimes I’ve kept them and made fantastic life changes. Most times not. I kind of missed the opportunity last year to say “this year I’m going to lose 80lbs, 11” off my belly, go from XXL-Tall to Large, run over 3 miles at a shot, touch my toes and start doing pushups”. Even I would never have believed any of those resolutions…but they all came to pass.

And now I’ve had great success, but I’ve not reached my goal. I have a new personal statement “The Real Lee is a hit, he’s at a healthy weight and is fit”. This year I resolve to make this statement a reality. Specifically I resolve to:
– Get down to 184lbs
+ 194 is the “not over weight” point, and then I want a 10lb buffer
– Get my belly down below 40”, perhaps to be smaller than my waist.
+ 40” and over is a major health risk
– Actually run a 5K race
– Train for 10K
– Complete the P90 work out
– Complete the P90X work out (or equivalent, something more stringent than P90)
– End the year at a healthy weight and fit

Goals without action plans are but mere wishes. However, I’ve been living my action plan for 8 months now. I just need to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I use MyFitnessPal to track my eating. I’m striving to eat more “real foods” and less “processed foods”. Cutting down on the sugars and grains. I used an app to train from coach to 5K, and for doing 100 pushups. Now I’m following the P90 plan.

I keep my mind engaged by reading health and fitness books and blogs and listening to podcasts. I keep journaling via this blog and creating my own podcasts.

My method is to make small changes and keep building upon those changes. Just because I couldn’t really “work out” and I certainly couldn’t run in the beginning did not mean I’d never be able to do so. I just had to do what I could. I walked, then walked faster, then walked longer, then started running. I cut back on portion sizes and counted my calories. Then I started working on WHAT I was eating, not just how much.

To meet my goals for this year I just need to continue the path I started on last year. Just improve on what I’ve already been doing. Eat better. Exercise harder. Nothing drastic, just constant progress.


  1. Sounds like a plan. We need to start thinking about that 5k race we are going to do.

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