Posted by: leebase | March 29, 2013

Accepting Lee

Accepting LeeThis has been the longest gap between blog posts. There has been little to report other than going up and down the same five pounds for the last four months. I’m at 229 as of this morning. I first hit this weight last November. Even lower, I’ve been as low as 225. Christmas season came, along with the treats and temptations…and enjoyment. No worries that I gained 5lbs. Surely I’ll take that right back off. And I did. And then I regained it again, and so on for four months now.

The bright spot has been the progress I’ve made with my fitness. I started P90 and followed it vigorously for a January and February. I’ve gone from not being able to do a single pushup last fall, to doing 20 pushups with my feet up on a chair (makes it harder). Alas, the long winter in Chicago has really taken a toll on my desire to exercise. I miss being able to just go outside for a walk or run. I’ve been getting walks in here and there, and doing the occasional workout…but I’ve just been holding on through the month of March.

A funny thing happened along the way of this frustrating plateau. I have come to actually like where I’m at. It’s not that I don’t intend to reach my goal of not being over weight…but I’m liking the guy I see in the mirror. My blood pressure remains at a good level. Nothing in my body hurts unless I’ve just worked out. I’ve bought a wardrobe of clothes for this size that are on the snug end…but I don’t see myself changing that much other than switching from a fat gut to more muscles. I think I’m going to be this size for the duration. And I’m ok with that.

Finally, I’m ready to be where Weight Watchers wanted me all along. I’m ready for small improvements and a long slope downward. I’m no longer the morbidly obese man topping 300lbs on the scale having to shop at the big and fat stores. Losing 2lbs a month instead of 10 is fine by me now. Of course, I must make changes from the last 4 months or I won’t lose even that.

My journey is not over. I haven’t arrived. I certainly can’t “go back” to how I used to eat and live before. I’m simply ready to enter a new phase of the journey.

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