Posted by: leebase | April 14, 2013

One Year and 80lbs Less of Lee

Lee and Daughters“Ok…I’m publicly committing.  Today I start my journey of becoming less.” I wrote those words one year ago.  I was 47yrs old and 309lbs…morbidly obese.  Today, at 229 lbs, I am no longer obese.  It’s been a terrific year.

More important than how many pounds and inches I’ve lost are the health benefits.  I no longer take anxiety meds, antacids or blood pressure medicine.  I feel great.  I don’t break out into a sweat just bending over to plug my computer in.  My feet, knees and lower back are not permanently in pain.

As I mark the completion of one year I am marking a new beginning.  No longer am I going to think in terms of pounds lost.  Yes, 80lbs lost is very nice.  So is 75.  So would be 50.  For the last 4 months I’ve been gaining and losing the same 5lbs…and always able to say “I’m down 75-80lbs”.  So now I look forward to the goal and think in terms of “I have 35lbs to go”.

It’s also time for a change up in strategy.  Time to let go of the counting of calories.  Not because it’s wrong or bad, but because I’m trained enough now.  I know what I need to be eating, and I can’t see myself eating much less than I currently do.  I’ve been slowly moving toward “no sugar, no grains” since last summer.  Time to go whole hog and rely on WHAT I eat, and not merely “how much”.  

I’m also going to rely on strength training to build up my muscles and benefit from the “all day advantage” that having more muscles gives in terms of raising one’s metabolism.  I’ll still be watching the scale weekly…but I won’t be aiming for 2lbs loss per week.  I’m more at peace with the size I am and am finally prepared to accept a much slower approach to goal.  

This time next year I hope to be able to say I am at my healthy weight.  I hope to be living my personal aphorism:  The Real Lee is a hit, he’s at a healthy weight and is fit.

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